She Loves Me All the Same


By Alisha Gaddis, Illustrated by Mireia Morante

Adventures are abundant with our stepmom and stepdaughter dynamic duo in She Loves Me All The Same. From playing dress up, to yoga class, lemonade stands to bike rides, fun is had by all.  However, the many exciting people the two meet, often think Miranda is Zoey’s mom, not her stepmom- leading to laughter, confusion and sometimes, guilt.  But with love swirling around her, Zoey knows that while her family is different, they love her all the same.  


Getting a new stepparent can be both an exciting and emotionally trying time in a child’s life. Modern families come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, and this book celebrates the circle of love that surrounds a growing child, while recognizing the emotional challenges.

Author and Little Maven Books publisher Alisha Gaddis is a GRAMMY and EMMY award winning performer, producer and writer. She is mom to two daughters (and a proud stepparent). She splits her time between Los Angeles and Indiana. 

The vibrant illustrations are by Mireia Morante, who is based in Madrid.

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